THE MENTAL MANIPULATION IN THE SERVICE OF INTELLIGENCE (The secret projects of the CIA in the field of Mind Control)

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In this new book, Alexandre Grigoriantz
reveals several projects, among the craziest,
launched by the CIA during the Cold War
in the fields of mental manipulation and
behaviour control, known as the
mind control.
The author has made several visits to Washington,
where he accessed thousands of pages in
CIA declassified archives, explored the
National and New York National Archives
Times, Life magazine and other newspapers and
periodicals of that time.
The fruit of this formidable prospection is you
delivered in a dozen surveys having for
themes: the use of LSD in interrogations
; the use of new drugs on
clients of prostitutes working for the Agency;
Fidel Castro’s plans for destabilization with
the complicity of the American mafia; research
on sacred fungi, plants and roots with very special properties, etc. It us
led inside Fort Detrick, where bacteriological weapons were being prepared, and
in the famous «sleep chambers» of Dr Cameron, intended to deprogram
the brain. It also unmasks behavioral observation techniques
with the help of Dr Gittinger’s SAP, and those of hypnotism by Dr Eastabrooks,
both used for intelligence. Finally, we will make the acquaintance
of Acoustic Kitty, the CIA spy cat, and will discover the history of the
two Puka and Kea dolphins, trained for strategic missions.
Alexandre Grigoriantz is a renowned author for his investigative work and his many
investigations into the power of healers and magnetizers. He is the author of three
books: Healers and exorcists of our time, We are all healers,
Meetings with remarkable healers, published by Trajectories.