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Alexandre Grigoriantz has become, over the years, one of the best
specialists in the «healer» phenomenon
conducted investigations in France and around the world.


1 – Hélène Myran, a prophetic storyteller
Considerations on the phenomena mentioned in the first chapter
2 – Maïa Profession: exorcist and healer
-Comments on the second chapter
3 – Esteban, Healer and Demon Hunter
Comments on the third chapter
4 (Part 1) – Micheline Rousseau, a prophetess of our time
4 (Part Two) – The prophecies of Micheline Rousseau
I – Some examples of messages about the global economy
II – Some examples of geopolitical messages
III – Some examples of messages about the environment and climate change
5 – “Mrs. Ultrasound” A Wonderful View of Things
Comments on Chapter 5

6 – The “liberation from evil” sessions of Abbé Bernard and Dr. Claire D., head of clinic and healer
7 – New meetings at Maia the Exorcist
Comment on the experience of Dr Jacqueline A. and Dr Claire D.
8 – Acts and words of Esteban “They are in the substance of God…”

In this new book, apart from proposing a new
series of portraits, the author tries to elucidate the origin
of this strange phenomenon.

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