MY BIOGRAPHY

 I was born in France.  In itself, the story of my birth in Cannes could be the subject of a novel. My full name is Alexandre Grigoriantz-Mumford (on my i.c.) due to the fact that my mother Charlotte Mumford  had an American passport until she met my father a Russian emigrate in France, in la Cote d’Azur. My grand-mother, Rachel Robarth  which was born in Norway in Oslo had emigrate to the U.S. and she had married William Mumford in Chicago.  I spent  twenty five years in various foreign countries including 5 years in Iran as an attaché at the French Embassy, 3 years in Tunisia , 5 years in Colombia, 5 years in Czech Republic and 3 years in Belarus as the director of the subsidiary of an important French company which has 130 offices in the world.

I am the author of twelve books. Some of them were published by important éditors in France, such as Fayard, Jean-Claude Lattès, le Rocher, Leduc and Trajectoire.

Recently I have achieved the writing of two more manuscripts.

-Shahrzad. The destiny of an Iranian Princess.

-Tigrillo. The memoirs of a Colombian narco in jail in Bogota

They are available in French, in English and in Spanish and they are waiting for their editor or for an agent.